#100DaysOfCode: Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails

Tomorrow I start the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I’m going to learn Ruby on Rails.

I’ve always wanted to learn Rails (well, for a while now). My first « real » contact with Rails was when I joined EtriLabs Cotonou in January 2019. Ruby on Rails is kind of the favorite technology of the house.

Many successful services/applications developed at EtriLabs have been created with Rails: Sewema, Botamp, Bidofi, Happierco.

So, learning Rails is a project I had on the go in my head. Let’s just say that the recent release of Hey by Basecamp finally convinced me to find some time to get into it.

So I spent the weekend learning the basics of the Ruby language. It was really fun. The object-oriented paradigm of the language is changing a bit (I’ve mostly used PHP so far).

Being able to do something like

100.times do
    puts "#100DaysOfCode: Ruby on Rails"


"#100DaysOfCode: Ruby on Rails".reverse

is really refreshing.

So, tomorrow, I’m going to start with it.

I’m going to document on my blog here my progress, my surprises, and what I’ll be learning and doing, etc…

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